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About the company APX Technologie

APX Technologie
20 years of activity in the metal industry

The activity of APX Technologie Sp. z o.o. focuses on the metal industry. For more than 20 years of activity, thanks to the experience and study the current market trends, APX offer increased respectively and was adapting to the requirements of customers, suited to almost every sector of the industry.

The apx production plant is located in Ciencisko near Strzelno. The plant produces equipment for CNC machine tools, including: clamping holders, VDI holders, reduction sleeves, centers, heat shrink holders and milling mandrels.
The APX Manufacturing Plant also cooperates in the production of metal elements for the needs of such industries as aviation and railway.

Providing a comprehensive range of services, APX is recognizable on the Polish market, in particular among customers in the metal industry. APX has experience in providing both standard and special machines, dedicated to customer requirements. Technological analysis and full implementation carried out by APX service engineers are very popular among customers. Today, the decision-making processes of customers are no longer influenced by the price of the machine tool itself, but by the availability of efficient and competent service, which is also ensured by APX Technologie. The APX Production Plant is able to design and deliver even complex fastening systems, emphasizing the universality of the APX offer as well as its technological advancement.

Our offer includes:
  • machine tools sale
  • repair and maintenance of machine tools
  • technical trainings
  • implementation technological solutions
  • design and engineering consulting
  • production of tooling and machining of metal parts.
Many years of experience and a leading position in the CNC machines industry..
We are a global player

We work with suppliers from all over the world.

We fulfill the highest standards

Our offer includes top-class Japanese, Taiwanese, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch machine tools.

We provide tooling for machine tools and provide cooperation services not only in Poland, but also around the world.